Etc. Etc. Etc.

Cab Calloway’s “Reefer Man”

Marijuana has been memorialized in song for many years, and in my days by such artists as Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, Ray Charles, and even the Beatles… but Geoff Nate’s favorite is Cab Calloway’s classic “Reefer Man” featured in this blog’s “Etc. Etc. Etc.” video.   



3 thoughts on “Etc. Etc. Etc.


    Geoff: I got a good laugh out of your “reefer man” experience. I haven’t done weed in about 40 years but do remember from your description some of the feelings it made me have. For some reason I am in the mood for a chocolate chip cookie. I was at Esalen once with your sister and it was quite an experience and yes, everyone was nude even back then too at least in the hot water springs perched
    on the side of the hill. Yes, it sure brought back some memories. We just got back from Cuba and New
    York and Cuba is like going back in a time warp…kind of like being stoned on grass.


    Cousin Emily


    • Dear Emily:

      Forty years is a long time to be on the weed wagon. On the other hand it obviously hasn’t discouraged you guys from traveling. Your trip, (the old fashioned kind) to New York and Cuba, sounds great.


      Cousin Geoff Nate


  2. Debra

    Wow, amazing. I just love this blog. what an experience you had, glad Tom was with y.ou 🙂 Love the blog and all the pics and songs too. The artwork and kaleidoscope along with your story telling are all great. I truly understand the dilemma of gateway vs medicinal use, and your long involvement with Phoenix house and me. I’m kinda glad you had this experience (minus the dosage amount) as it only adds more to your life’s journey, which yours has been incredible so far. 🙂 I love you my uncle. Your very special to me and often in my heart and blessings. Miss you and thank you for warming my spirit with all of your stories you share with us.i save them all and will cherish them. Xoxoxoxo
    Always xoxox, Debbie. Xoxox


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